Speciality Isolators

Amercare’s Gassing Isolators are designed to provide a GMP environment for a wide range of applications including;

Cytotoxic Dispensing / CIVAS / Sterility Testing / Cell Therapy

H2 O2 Gassing Isolator

The Gassing Isolator has ECGMP Grade A air unidirectional flow and has the capability to run validated gassing cycles on any section of the isolator.

A wide range of isolator configurations and integrated equipment provides the user with exactly the right isolator for their application. You can choose from standard configurations or choose a bespoke design as part of a fully validated supply package to include DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ and Gas Cycle Development.


Key features:

  • Standard or bespoke design as part of a fully validated supply to include DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ and Gas Cycle Development.
  • ECGMP Grade A air quality, Laminar Flow in the main isolator with high air change rate entry chamber to enable rapid gassing cycles to be achieved.
  • Fully automated Gassing operations with the option of Integrated or shared Gas Generator. Suitable for operation with Bioquell or Steris gas generators.
  • Entry chamber can be gassed independently with shortened cycle times.
  • Microprocessor control with digital status display, data recording and thermal printer. Full integration with the gas generator, BMS and EMS.
  • Sliding tray and hanging rail system which can be configured for your product and batch size requirements.
  • Battery backup for key functions including reconfiguration to safe condition after power failure during gassing.
  • Height adjustable baseframe with ample knee-room for seated operation.
  • Automated Leak Classification Test and automated glove leak testing with hard copy printed reports.

Isolator configuration options:

  • Positive or Negative Pressure operation.
  • Ducted or Recirculating installation.
  • 2 Glove, 3 Glove or 4 Glove main chamber.
  • Standard Entry Chamber or Gloved Entry Chamber with 2 gloves to enable preparation of the product in a Grade A background.
  • Standard transfer chamber or Rapid Transfer Port for transferring product out of the isolator. RTP can be provided with rigid pods or heat sealable bagging out system.
  • Fully integrated gas generator or connections to freestanding shared gas generator.
  • Gassing circuits can be configured to suit customer requirements.

Equipment options:

  • Sterility Test (Millipore, Sartorius etc) equipment to your choice.
  • Continuous Particle monitoring sample points integrated to Environmental Monitoring system of customers’ choice.
  • Viable & non-viable sampling.
  • Vacuum Chamber with footswitch to assist in bag filling operations.
  • Centrifuge with or without refrigeration, fully integrated into the base of the isolator with flush fitting lid.
  • Hot block/chiller block to maintain products at a controlled temperature.
  • Integrated or shared VHP generator by Bioquell or Steris with integrated H2O2 gas sensor.
  • Power and Dataports to the customer’s requirements.
  • Glove Leak Tester with automatic operation and automatic data printout.