RadioPharmacy Isolators

Amercare is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of isolators for RadioPharmacy / Nuclear Medicine applications.

Including Technetium dispensing, automated dispensing for PET, Blood Cell Labelling and Volatile product handling.

Technetium Dispensing Isolators

A dedicated range of isolators has been developed over many years specifically for use with Technetium 99m generators.

This experience has been combined with the new A2 range of Pharmacy Isolators to result in a Technetium Dispensing isolator which is easier to use than ever.

Features from the A2 Pharmacy isolator now incorporated into the Technetium Dispensing isolator include lightweight non-stick vacuum seal doors, height adjustable base frame and automatic leak testing.

Technetium Dispensing Isolator

Key features:

  • Provide an EC GMP Grade A (class 100) air environment in each module.
  • Have an electrically height adjustable base frame.
  • Generators are housed in a removable trolley to minimise handling and lifting. Generators are shielded with 60mm interlocking lead.
  • Provision for aseptic integration of dose calibrator with automatic dipper assembly.
  • Fully interlocked class E transfer chambers with vacuum seal, lightweight, non-stick doors.
  • Use turbulent air flow to ensure that clean air passes throughout the entire Isolator system and barrier shields etc.
  • Have a continuous base to safely contain any spillage, (no air grilles).
  • Are constructed from high quality (grade 316) stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Are fully leak testable and are fitted with both audible and visual alarms and battery backup for critical systems.

Blood Cell Labelling Isolators

The A2 range of Blood Cell Labelling Isolators innovative vacuum door seal technology provides simple, lightweight doors for easy operation, wide clear openings for easy loading plus total simplicity for cleaning.

The height adjustable base frame helps to provide you with the most comfortable isolator you have ever used.

On the inside all surfaces can be easily reached from the glove ports for routine sanitisation and the lack of door fittings simplify cleaning. The low height and roller base frame make it easy to clean the whole external surface of the isolator.

Blood Cell Labelling Isolator

Key features:

  • Provide an EC GMP Grade A (Class 100) air environment in each module.
  • Integral 4 bucket centrifuge for optimum operator and product protection. 3500 rpm with bucket radius of 160mm generating 2000g maximum.
  • Provision for aseptic integration of dose calibrator.
  • Fully Interlocked class E transfer chamber.
  • Isolator manufactured from 3mm thick grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic design with height adjustable base frame, and 350mm unobstructed knee room.
  • Angled transfer chamber for ease of loading and unloading product.


Medium Activity (Ga68) Isolators

The Medium Activity Isolator has been designed to provide 360 degree shielding with thicknesses to the customers’ requirements for handling medium activity isotopes.

GMP design with ECGMP Grade A air, and Laminar flow across the work zone.

A hinged front shield with lead glass window gives optimum radiation protection, whilst the pneumatically sealed inner panel ensures that the isolator is fully leak tight to ISO 14644 Class 3.

Configured to your specific operational requirements, please see the options available in the datasheet.



Designed for manual and automated preparations, with shielding specified to suit your radiation protection requirements. Typical applications include:

  • Preparation of 68Ga with space for automated synthesis modules and 68Ga generators.
  • Tc Dispensing with Generator storage.
  • Preparation of isotopes for therapy such as 131I.
  • Dispensing and preparation of PET products including FDG.

PET Dispensing Isolators

The A2 PET Dispensing Isolator has been designed for optimum dose reduction with ease of dispensing operations.

Fully interlocking lead shielding, lead glass window, lead ball mounted manipulator and the Amercare Automated Dose Dispenser provides an integrated solution for PET dispensing.

Innovative vacuum door seal technology provides simple and reliable operation, high containment integrity and wide clear openings for easy loading plus total simplicity for cleaning.

PET dispensing Isolator wireframe

Key features:

  • Provide an EC GMP Grade A (class 100) air environment in each module.
  • Shielded drawer for vial/syringe handing.
  • Fully interlocked class E transfer chamber.
  • Interlocking 50mm lead Shielding with 100mm lead glass window. (other thickness to customer specification).
  • Optional Amercare Automated Dose Dispenser for semi-automatic filling of syringes and vials.
  • Aseptic integration of dose calibrator with automated dipper.
  • Isolator manufactured from 3mm thick grade 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Ball mounted remote manipulator with grippers optimised for PET dispensing operations.
  • Digital alarm unit with battery backing for key isolator functions.

Dispensing Workstation

This RadioPharmacy Dispensing Workstation is designed to meet the guidelines set out in section 5 of the UK RadioPharmacy Group document “Safe drawing up of radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine departments”.

Downflow HEPA filter provides an EC GMP Grade A air quality workzone.

Highly ergonomic design with electrical height adjustment and everything you need fully integrated into the workstation. Manufactured from materials which are highly resistant to cleaning and sanitising agents used in the Pharmacy.

Key features:

  • Downflow HEPA filter provides ECGMP Grade A air quality.
  • Air velocity in the range 0.36m/s~0.54m/s in the working position.
  • Magnahelic gauge for flow indication.
  • Stainless steel work surface.
  • Electrical height adjustment.
  • Fully validated installation with IQ and OQ documentation.