Lead Glass Panels

Amercare are now able to supply a Lead Glass Glove port panel instead of the previously offered Premac © (Lead Acrylic) Glove Port panel.

These panels are available in a single thickness of nominally 8mm.

A standard acrylic panel is used to create the sealed, leak tight enclosure, the lead glass panel is then placed in front of that panel to give radiation protection to the operator and is secured in place.

These Lead Glass panels can be specified as part of a new isolator specification / purchase or can equally be purchased to replace existing Premac © (Lead Acrylic) Glove Port panels.

Before (with old Premac Glove Port panel)

After (with new Lead Glass Glove Port panel fitted)

Please use the link below for the full datasheet on this product

Lead Glass Glove Port Panels Datasheet – ADS1148b