New RadioPharmacy Isolators order Castle Hill Hospital, Hull

Tc Dispensing Isolator

New RadioPharmacy Isolators order Castle Hill Hospital, Hull

Amercare are pleased to announce that they have received an order for three New Radiopharmacy Isolators for Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

These units are to be installed within a new RadioPharmacy department currently being built on the Castle Hill Hospital site by Hobson & Porter

This new department is being mostly funded by the Daisy Appeal, a charity that helps to fund cutting-edge research and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Additional funding for the project has also been provided by the University of Hull

The Tc Dispensing isolator whilst based on a standard product has had additonal features added.

These include additonal lead shielding to the central Grade A Process Section and the integration of a Touch Screen monitor within the same section of the isolator.

The Blood Cell Labelling isolator is one of our standard products.

Both isolators feature our Fully Automated Leak Testing feature for the Process Sections, and have integrated into them Capintec CRC55Rt Dose Calibrators

The third unit is a RadioPharmacy workstation that has 50mm of lead shielding beneath the floor of the box. This unit is based around a Vertical Laminar Flow cabinet.